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Prince Squash Racket Vortex Pro 650

Model Number: 7S613905

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The Vortex Pro 650 comes equipped with TeXtreme technology to improve the stiffness of the frame and reduce deformation of the racket head on impact to facilitate your shots. This is further improved with the Twaron filaments which add comfort by ewffectively dampening vibrations. The Vortex Pro 650 brings comfort to a high-performance frame with Air Handle technology. Frame durability and stiffness is also improved with the inclusion of Power Ring - the inverted 'ring' in the throat of the frame which allows the string bed to pack a punch.  The racket maintains a great level of comfort thanks to the Air Quadrants in the handle which dampen vibrations when striking the ball and prevent them reaching your arm.   The performance racket is completed with a modern black, blue and pink cosmetic    


Specifications :

  • Head Size  - 75 in                          
  • Weight - 125 gms                          
  • Balance - 330                                
  • Power Level - 650                          
  • String Pattern - 16 x 17                  
  • Material Contruction- TeXtreme ,Twaron                           
  • Frame - Geometries 



  • TeXtreme- TeXtreme spreadtow woven laminates are developed with a thinner structure and straighter carbon fibres to create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. Positioning TeXtreme at a 45° orientation at 2/10 positions on the hoop reduces the torsional deformation of the racquet head by upto 25% resulting in superior torsional stability at impact creating a bigger sweet spot for unparalled power, response & accuracy for all squash players.
  • Twaron- Twaron® Filaments provide extra vibration dampening to give the most comfortable version of TeXtreme® at these critical zones by up to 25%. This results in superior torsional stability at impact creating a bigger sweetspot for unparalleled.      
  • Air Handle - Air Quadrants in the handle reduce vibration and shock to the hand from the racquet.
  • Power Ring - An inverted “ring” in the throat of the frame creates longer main strings of uniform length for enhanced power across the entire string bed. A grommetless throat increases frame durability and stiffness.
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Feature Racket
Item Weight 125g
Type Squash Racket
Model No 7S613905
Expected Delivery Date 2
Unit Of Measurement PCS
Color Multicolor
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