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Wrist Ball 3Cm (Brand : Ta Sports)

Model Number: 34040041

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  • WRIST BALL IR97737-A Laubr Wrist Ball The wrist exercise ball is the perfect device for hand, wrist, forearm and arm training.
  • It is used for both rehabilitation and ordinary entertainment. The operation of the ball is based on a gyroscope.
  • The exercise consists in unscrewing the rotor to high rotational speed with quick circular movements of the hand and sustaining these rotations with slight (though requiring some effort) wrist movements synchronized with the ball.


  • The ball comes alive with forces thrasing and jerking as your arm and wrist try to keep it in control spinning it faster and faster.
  • Pure gyroscopic power.
  • Hand held gyroscope capable of spinning.
  • Perfect for Golfers, Musicians, Squash, Tennis, Fencing, Basketball, Badmenton, Archery, and Cricket.
  • Gyroscopic Wrist Exercise.
  • Self-contained mechanism dynamical.
  • Balanced gyro ball.



  • Product brand: TA Sport
  • Product Size: 73X63MM.
  • Product user: Unisex
  • Product Type: Wrist Ball 
  • Model Number: 34040041
  • Model Name: Wrist Ball IR97737-A
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Feature Wrist Strength
Model No 34040041
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